Diabetes HealthTxts

According to the American Diabetes Association, improving diet and exercise is an important component of managing your diabetes.  Creating beneficial habits around diet and exercise can slow the advance of complications from diabetes or prevent pre-diabetes from advancing to type 2 diabetes in the first place.[1]

HealthTxts programs for diabetics were designed by behavioral psychologists in conjunction with clinician experts in treating and managing diabetes.

Our programs are designed to help individuals diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes prevent the progression of the disease through diet and exercise.  Program Goals include:

  1. Slowing or preventing complications from diabetes
  2. Increasing the pleasure of eating and living with diabetes in the context of evidence-based nutrition and exercise recommendations
  3. Improving blood glucose levels
  4. Improving cholesterol and  heart health
  5. Achieving normal or improved blood pressure

Our programs leverage current thinking in medical nutrition therapy in the self-management of diabetes. Recent data support the use of medical nutrition therapy for improving the health of diabetics.  In fact, improvements in A1c levels, depending on how long you have had diabetes, have been seen as quickly as 3-6 months. HealthTxts can be an important addition to diabetes self-management and medical nutrition therapy. 

Turn your phone into your own diabetes health coach by enrolling in one of our programs today.

Like all of our programs, you should discuss using a mobile health program with your clinician or certified diabetes educator.

[1] http://care.diabetesjournals.org/content/31/Supplement_1/S61.extract